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The Sacrament of Confirmation is the sacrament which is least understood by Catholics. The reason partly lies in the fact that confirmation has always been so closely linked with baptism. Indeed, in periods of the Church's history they have often been conferred together. Why then, two sacraments? What is given in confirmation that has not already been given in baptism?

The truth, of course, is that the Holy Spirit is given in both sacraments. But the function of the Holy Spirit in each is different. The kind of difference is hinted at by St. Augustine when he explains that in baptism we are mixed with water so that we might take on the form of bread, the body of Christ. But bread, he points out, then needs to be baked in the fire and this fire is supplied by the chrism which is "the sacrament of the Holy Spirit" who showed himself in tongues of fire.

At baptism, in other words, we are made members of Christ's body. But at confirmation we are given the power of God to bear fruit in our Christian life.

To live as an adult Christian in the world takes more than courage; a special gift from God. God shares a very special gift with us when God offers us the sacraments of Confirmation. We belive in God, we go to Church and we try to treat our neighbour well, but events happen that try our faith and belief in a caring and loving God.

What do parents need to do when presenting their children for this sacrament?

At the beginning of the school year notices informing parents of the intended program are placed in the Parish bulletin at all Masses and in the school newsletter.

Parents need to bring their children along to Mass during this time as information is dispersed and enrolment procedures are undertaken. Parents need to complete the enrolment and family details form and return them to the school. Also required for all enrolments this year is a copy of the child's baptism cartificate. When emrolments are completed, children will start the sacramental program.

What do children need to do during the program?

Responsibility for ensuring preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation lies with the parents, the school and the whole parish. It involves close cooperation between the priests, parents, catechists and teachers within the school. The school ensures that the teaching on Confirmation and the Holy Spirit is carried out in the weeks leading up to the celebration of the sacraments. There is an inaugural Liturgy for candidates and their parents in the Church to which the community is invited.

What do the children wear for Confirmation?

Children are asked to be suitably dressed in their clothes to receive the sacrament. Clothing and hairstyles etc., should be age and occasion appropriate.

What is taught during the program?

During this sacramental program children are taught about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit coming down on the apostles and then sending them as witnesses into the world. They learn about the Creed and our beliefs as Catholics. They also learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit that they will receive at Confirmation and the fruits of those gifts.

For further information please contact the Parish Office on 9279 8119 or the School Office on 6278 9500.

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