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The Parish of Lockridge had its beginning in 1969 as an outpost of the Carmelite parish of Morley. Father Terrence Cahill O.D.L, started gathering the small catholic community for Sunday Mass at the Eden Hill Primary School.

Over the years between 1969 and 1976 this community became very much the 'pilgrim people of God' as their numbers grew and they moved from one venue to another for Sunday  Mass.

On July 3rd, 1976 the Church Hall in Arbon Way, Lockridge was officially dedicated by Bishop Quinn, under the title of 'Good Shepherd'. The parish now had its own centre and moved into a period of growth and co-ordination.

1980 saw the Carmelite Fathers hand over the care of Lockridge to Father Michael Timbs C.S.S.R. who became the first resident priest in the area. This year also saw the first stage in the development of the Good Shepherd School.

In April 1981, Father Charles Tory was appointed as first Parish Priest of Lockridge, formally making it a parish. He was followed between 1987 and 1991 by Father Anton Hesse.

Father Daniel Foley was assigned Parish priest of Lockridge. Fr. Dan saw the need for a bigger church for the growing Masses of the Lockridge/Beechboro/Kiara and Eden Hill catholic community. 

1992 - Fr Dan Foley in consultation with the parish, made a submission to the Diocese on reasons for building a new Church. 

September 1992: The Architectural Brief is prepared. A comprehensive 10-page architectural brief was prepared by Fr Dan Foley. It provided guidance on features that the Church should possess. In the preamble of the brief, the need for a suitable place for the celebration of the Eucharist was emphasised: such buildings and requisites of worship are 'signs and symbols' of heavenly things as such would be truly worthy and beautiful. The overall d├ęcor should be noble and simple".

Building Programme:

21 December: Commencement of Contract & Date of site possession

10 January 1994: Date of actual possession of site

15 August 1994: Date of practical completion. 

September 1994 : Solemn dedication and opening of the Good Shepherd Church.

During Father Dan’s time, the church had several assistant priests as Father Gregory D’Almeida, Father Benedict Quadros, Father Melvin Lebanas and Father Vinh Dong.

As Father Dan grew older and his health started to fail, the young and energetic Father Vinh Dong took over as Parish priest in 2002-2009

Along with him, as assistants, he had Father Vittorio Ricardo and Father Hong Pham. At the end of Father Vinh’s six year term as parish priest, he was transferred to Greenwood and Father Francis Ly was appointed. Later Father Jean-Noel Marie became his assistant and a year later was assigned to the New Cathedral, Father Pavol Herda was appointed as Father Francis’ assistant.

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